We are fully committed to supporting

Ärzte ohne Grenzen

The private, independent aid organization provides emergency medical aid in crisis and war zones. For its work, the organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. In 2015 it received the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award.

Hamburger Tafel

The Hamburger Tafel works closely with social welfare organizations in Hamburg. During our daily rounds to grocery stores, supermarkets, hotels and other places we pick up a variety of items that we then deliver to the welfare facilities. There, the food is checked and then either processed or directly handed out to the facilities visitors. This way we deliver around 30 tons of groceries per week.

Cap Anamur

The Cologne-based non-profit association “Cap Anamur – Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.” provides humanitarian aid worldwide. This help also continues to be offered in those areas where media interest has long since subsided. The association mainly focuses on medical care and access to education.

HSH Nordbank Run

Every year various teams participate to the annual charity run through Hamburg’s HafenCity. Through their participation fee, they support the campaigns for “Kinder helfen Kindern ” and “Und los! Kids in die Clubs”.

Tag der Legenden/NestWerk e.V.

For a good cause: Every year, on the first soccer tournament-free weekend in September, FC St. Pauli’s “Millerntor Stadium” is transformed into a legendary football temple. For the past ten years, NestWerk e.V. has been organizing the most prestigious Soccer Charity Event of the year in Germany. This annual events are supported by more than 70 legendary soccer players. NestWerk e.V., founded by TV presenter Reinhold Beckmann, supports young people from structurally weak residential areas. The goal is to enable age-appropriate, continuous and free- of- charge sports and leisure activities in those communities living areas.