Warehouse logistics

In addition to the transport of all kinds of goods, our logistics services also include warehousing, handling and order picking. Our staff of experienced specialists ensure that the stock turnover and the storage of a wide variety of products are successfully implemented. A total of 25,000 square meters of storage space is available at our Hamburg location.

We offer you:
  • 20,000 high rack storage spaces
  • 2,160 ADR storage spaces (dangerous goods)
  • 350 storage spaces in 3 separate WGK rooms
  • 4,800 sqm block storage area
  • 2,000 sqm handling area
  • 1,000 sqm staging area

We also stock a variety of hazardous materials. Our warehouse has ceiling and shelf sprinkler systems, light barriers, smoke detectors, two locking tubs and special security gates.

In addition to truck and container loading and unloading, we also carry out stowage, repacking and order picking. We also have our own customs warehouse and we carry out container trucking.

Trucks can be loaded and unloaded directly in docking stations or at the side of the hall.


Warehouse logistics
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“Logistics is teamwork. Together we will deliver your goods safely to your destination – worldwide.”