Sea Freight – Efficient
and cost-effective sea transport

Using a sophisticated logistics management system, we transport goods by container to and from all European or oversea ports – safely and on time.

We offer you:
  • Regular full and consolidated container services (FCL / LCL)
  • Document processing in the port of shipment
  • Calculation of transport and handling costs
  • Sea transports through carefully selected partners
  • All kinds of Customs clearances in Hamburg
  • Container trucking
  • General cargo transfers
  • Container unloading and inspection of goods

Our well-trained specialist staff offers a complete service: regular full and consolidated container services (FCL / LCL), document processing in the port of shipment, calculation of transport and handling costs, sea transports through carefully selected partners, all kinds of customs clearances in Hamburg, container trucking and general cargo transfers, container unloading and inspection of goods. Across the oceans – we transport your goods safely to their destination.

Innovative logistics solutions protect our environment

As logistics specialists, we are aware that we can make decisive contributions to increase energetic efficiency, to preserve resources and reduce global emissions. We face this daily challenge of finding economical and environmentally friendly sea freight solutions.

The CO2 issue plays a very important role in our daily business. We are convinced that the energy transition and the climate protection goal associated with it, can only be successful if innovative solutions are implemented. Emissions from heavy commercial vehicles have been significantly reduced in recent years thanks to modern exhaust technologies and innovative logistics processes. Our employees are up to date with the latest regulations and make sure that through the employed procurement process, state-of-the-art technologies are used, in order to ensure a high level of sustainability and thus substantially reduce CO2 emissions.

“This way, your goods – whether in full or consolidated container services – reach their destination safely and securely. “